Does Creatine Break a Fast? What science says

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Creatine is also great to use during the cut, as you can read in this article. But what if you use intermittent fasting during your cut ? Does creatine supplementation break the fasting?


Creatine is an excellent supplement to use during a cutting phase. Creatine supplementation helps you maintain your training performance and recovery, which is important for maintaining your muscle mass. In addition, it may help prevent muscle breakdown as a result of endurance efforts, which is useful if you do a lot of cardio during your cut.

However, many gym-goers fear that creatine will disrupt their diet. They are especially afraid that creatine will break the fast for those who practice intermittent fasting.


To break a fasting state, you need to consume something that will cause your body to switch from a fasting state to a state where it releases insulin. This can be a small snack, or even a sip of soda.


But what if you drink a glass of water with creatine powder in it? According to an old study, creatine has no significant effect on insulin levels and therefore does not break the fast. This is because breaking the fast requires you to consume calories, carbs, protein or fat, none of which are found in creatine.

Taking creatine with a high-calorie drink, such as fruit juice or a protein shake, will break your fast because these drinks raise insulin levels in your body. Taking a pre-workout supplement that combines creatine with other high-calorie ingredients (such as sugar, some sweeteners, or carbohydrates) will also break your fast.


The question remains whether it is wise to take creatine with water and/or on an empty stomach. In this article you can read that it is still doubtful whether the absorption of creatine in the muscles is enhanced when you take the substance with carbohydrates, or with carbohydrates and proteins. Studies contradict each other. But even if the carbohydrates and/or proteins enhance the absorption of creatine, the question is whether you ultimately really benefit from it. You may only ensure that your maximum creatine level is reached more quickly.


If you are taking your creatine supplement during your fasting period and you don’t want to break the fast, take creatine mixed with water and nothing else.

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