Quick Q&A with Menno Henselmans 25 questions, all answered within 2 minutes

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Sometimes you simply don’t have time for lengthy, in-depth podcasts. That is why the podcast below is highly recommended: 25 questions about body composition (muscle growth and/or fat loss), all answered within 2 minutes (mostly anyway) by an expert, namely the internationally renowned Dutch coach Menno Henselmans.

Below the video is the table of contents — click on the timestamps to go directly to the respective question.

01:58 ​ Are vegan diets beneficial for muscle growth and fat loss, or not?

02:46 ​ Are supersets overrated for muscle growth?

04:54 ​ How effective is Crossfit for muscle growth and/or fat loss?

08:02 ​ Do you need to get stronger to grow?

09:33 ​ Can you get stronger without your muscles growing (much)?

10:46 ​ How important is the mind muscle connection for muscle growth? ⁣⁣

14:47 ​ How important is the timing and spread of protein intake for muscle growth and fat loss?

18:04 ​ What exactly does nutrient partitioning mean ? ⁣

21:18 ​ How helpful are refeeds for muscle growth and fat loss?

22:13 ​ How useful is carb cycling for muscle growth and fat loss?

24:43 ​ How important is exercise variation for muscle growth and fat loss? ⁣⁣

29:25 ​ How effective are body type diets for fat loss?

31:21 ​ How effective are ketogenic diets for muscle growth and fat loss?

33:10 ​ Does it make sense for muscle growth to stretch between sets? ⁣⁣

36:54 ​ What is the best time of day to train for muscle growth?

39:09 ​ How many meals a day is ideal for muscle growth?

40:22 ​ How important is training intensity for muscle growth?

41:39 ​ How important is progressive overload for muscle growth?

43:10 ​ How would you define progressive overload⁣?

44:41 ​ How important are isolating exercises for muscle growth?

47:24 ​ How important is inflammation management for muscle growth?

49:03 ​ Is eating (a lot of) sugar harmful to muscle growth?

55:46 ​ Does eating a lot of protein make you feel full?

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