Myo-reps The fastest way to muscle growth?

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Myo-reps are a technique that allows you to train more efficiently and therefore finish faster. The training method is quite popular these days and even Arnold Schwarzenegger has recommended it. How exactly myo-reps work? The inventor himself, coach Børge Fagerliexplains .


Myo-reps are a training method aimed at maximizing muscle growth and strength gains through a combination of high-intensity sets and rest-pause techniques. The aim of the method is to stimulate muscles effectively, while minimizing training time and keeping fatigue within limits.

Myo-reps allow you to add training volume without significantly affecting your recovery.


A yet-to-be-published study shows that one myo-rep set produced the same muscle growth as three normal sets, but with 70% less time investment.


With myo-reps you do a cluster of several mini-sets after the first set.

  1. Do one full set to near muscle failure, regardless of the number of repetitions required. We call this the activation set. Preferably use myo-reps at a rep range of 8 to 15 repetitions. Train with 1 RIR, so keep one rep in the tank. It’s fine to reach muscle failure on the last rep of the myo-reps series, but not a requirement.
  2. After the activation set you do not rest the usual few minutes, but only 5-15 seconds. The muscle may still be tired, but you will be able to do a few repetitions again. After that short rest, do your second set, again until you reach muscle failure. This is your first mini set. For example, you can only achieve five repetitions, but those are purely effective repetitions.
  3. Then rest again for 5-15 seconds and do the next mini set.
  4. Repeat these steps until you have either completed five sets (1 activation set + 4 mini sets), or until you can no longer maintain the number of repetitions of your first mini set. So if you get five reps in your first mini set, stop as soon as you can no longer get five reps.
  5. Over time, increase the training weight throughout the activation set so that you progress in the total number of reps within the myo-rep sets. After all, progressive overload is the key to actual muscle growth.


In principle you can use myo-reps with any exercise, but with heavy compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bent rows and dumbbell presses you may be too limited by cardiovascular fatigue, lower back fatigue and instability. Therefore, only use myo-rep sets for isolating exercises, such as biceps curls, and for some mechanical exercises, such as the leg press, always in the range of 8 to 15 repetitions.

Even then, you don’t have to do all sets according to the myp-rep principle. People often only do them as the last set of an exercise, as a kind of extra. It depends a bit on how much volume you train with and how much time you want to save.


Myo-reps is a training method that can save time. However, you have to make sure that that you keep fatigue within limits. You can do this by applying the method as follows:

  • Only do myo reps during isolation and some machine exercises;
  • Only do myo reps on activation sets of 8-15 reps;
  • Don’t overdo your training volume. For example, only do myo reps as the last set of an exercise;
  • Use 1 RIR as relative intensity for all your sets. So do not train your sets to complete muscle failure, with the possible exception of the last mini set.

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